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  • Cancer Aqua S
  • Capricorn Aqua S
  • Gemini Aqua S
  • Leo Aqua S
  • Libra Aqua S
  • Pisces Aqua S
  • Sagittarius Aqua S
  • Scorpio Aqua S
  • Taurus Aqua S
  • Virgo Aqua S
  • Aquarius Black S
  • Aries Black S
  • Cancer Black S
  • Gemini Black S
  • Leo Black S
  • Libra Black S
  • Pisces Black S
  • Sagittarius Black S
  • Scorpio Black S
  • Taurus Black S
  • Virgo Black L
  • Aquarius Coral S
  • Aries Coral S
  • Cancer Coral S
  • Capricorn Coral S
  • Gemini Coral S
  • Leo Coral S
  • Libra Coral S
  • Pisces Coral S
  • Sagittarius Coral S
  • Scorpio Coral S
  • Taurus Coral S
  • Virgo Coral S
  • Aquarius Saffron S
  • Aries Saffron S
  • Cancer Saffron S
  • Capricorn Saffron S
  • Gemini Saffron S
  • Leo Saffron S
  • Libra Saffron S
  • Pisces Saffron S
  • Sagittarius Saffron S
  • Scorpio Saffron S
  • Taurus Saffron S
  • Virgo Saffron S
  • Aquarius Aqua L
  • Aries Aqua L
  • Cancer Aqua L
  • Capricorn Aqua L
  • Gemini Aqua L
  • Leo Aqua L
  • Libra Aqua L
  • Pisces Aqua L
  • Sagittarius Aqua L
  • Scorpio Aqua L
  • Taurus Aqua L
  • Virgo Aqua L
  • Aquarius Black L
  • Aries Black L
  • Cancer Black L
  • Capricorn Black L
  • Gemini Black L
  • Leo Black L
  • Libra Black L
  • Pisces Black L
  • Sagittarius Black L
  • Scorpio Black L
  • Taurus Black L
  • Virgo Black L
  • Aquarius Coral L
  • Aries Coral L
  • Cancer Coral L
  • Capricorn Coral L
  • Gemini Coral L
  • Leo Coral L
  • Libra Coral L
  • Pisces Coral L
  • Sagittarius Coral L
  • Scorpio Coral L
  • Taurus Coral L
  • Virgo Coral L
  • Aquarius Saffron L
  • Aries Saffron L
  • Cancer Saffron L
  • Capricorn Saffron L
  • Gemini Saffron L
  • Leo Saffron L
  • Libra Saffron L
  • Pisces Saffron L
  • Sagittarius Saffron L
  • Scorpio Saffron L
  • Taurus Saffron L
  • Virgo Saffron L
  • Aquarius Aqua S
  • Aries Aqua S

Zodiac Makeup Bags


Found it! These adorable zodiac makeup bags made for every astrology sign. Our favorite colors paired with a sophisticated and chic zodiac pattern.



Zodiac Makeup Bags

The favorite gift for astrology lovers!

These zodiac makeup bags are not just for makeup. They can be used for pretty much anything. You can use these cute zippered pouches for just about everything. In addition to being a convenient carry-all bag, they are constructed of durable material and a laminate lining making it great for travel, makeup, and cosmetics.

Large bags measure  11.75″ X 8.25”. Small bags measure 8.25”X 6”. Color options include Saffron, Black, Coral, and Aqua.

Don’t know your sign? You can find it here.

Key Features

  •  gold zipper pull 
  • 100% polyester
  •  laminate lining
  •  zipper closure

Care Instructions

Before cleaning the bag, remove all the items from bag. Suggested to pretreat visible stains with gentle stain remover. Mix warm water with laundry detergent and clean the bag with terry washcloth or soft bristle brush. Let the bag air dry.

Marie Kondo Loves Pouches

Marie Kondo recommends pouches to organize your purse.

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Additional information

Pouch Size Options

Small 8.25" X 6", Large 11.75" X 9.25"

Colors Options

Aqua, Black, Coral, Saffron

Zodiac Sign

Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo


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