About the Shop

Independent Designer Goods by Designer KK Pires.

KK Pires™ Goods products feature original pattern designs and artwork by Kelly Pires. Our products have been featured on websites including vogue.com, glamour.com, hunker.com and others. No waste shop, most items are made to order. This slice of the internet is powered by talented, intelligent, brave, and hot af  women. Woe to anyone who gets in their way. 

About the Designer

Just another white girl on the internet selling stuff. #blessed

KK Pires is a human, female (she/her), Pattern Artist. Denver born, still there, probably never leaving. Cancer, double Sag, Venus in Gemini, INFJ, Gen X. Fucks with yin yoga, nachos and Lagree. Says she reads books, but actually just listens to books on Libby. Loyal heart. Cries in public. Not impressed by your car.

-Tinder bio 2015

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